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New flash movie is coming..

2013-05-05 23:42:03 by spanio

No ETA yet. Just really wanted to clear that old PAX post out.

But there really IS a flash movie coming... stay tuned I guess.

I'm selling PAX PRIME 2012 passes.

2012-08-17 00:09:34 by spanio

I have three 3-Day passes for PAX PRIME (in Seattle, Washington) that I'm not going to get to use, as my friends and I can't make it to Seattle so I'm selling them on eBay!
THE LISTING IS FOR ALL THREE 3-DAY PASSES. I AM NOT SELLING THEM INDIVIDUALLY.I went to PAX East in Boston back in April and it was some of the most fun I've ever had in three days. If PAX Prime is anything like that, you guys won't want to miss out! And these passes will make sure that you don't miss anything since all THREE passes are good for each and every day of the event.
If you want to go, this might be the only way you're get the opportunity. I'm willing to ship these to you via Priority Mail so that you'll get the passes before the event, but act fast!
Please ask if you any questions at all!

eBay auction


2012-04-04 03:26:37 by spanio

So who else is going to PAX?

Sadi's Factory

2011-06-04 12:05:27 by spanio

Sadi's Factory is the name of my new web comic. It updates every Monday and Friday. I hope that you will enjoy it.

Sadi's Factory

No rapture.

2011-05-23 11:06:17 by spanio

This is like when a girl says she's gonna go out with you but then cancels at the last minute when you're already on your way over but she doesn't even apologize because she feels cancelling is totally legit even though you got yourself all prepared for it and everything. /run-on sentence

Anyway, new comics up at

Pale Dog Studios

2010-10-21 02:47:46 by spanio

I'm no longer maintaining my blog on blogspot anymore. Instead, I've moved over to with my good friend nalem. We'll both be uploading our art and any kind of work we do, be it comics or cartoons.
So I guess, check it out if you want.

Oh, and we'll still be uploading all our flash content here on Newgrounds, so this wasn't like a "goodbye" message or anything.

Follow my art!

2010-07-10 19:19:25 by spanio

I draw a lot more than what I upload here, and I've decided to upload most of that to my blog over at
If you guys wanna keep up with me, that'd be the place to do it!

Thanks for everything.

2010-03-05 15:43:10 by spanio

I love you guys and I'm not leaving NG anytime soon (or ever perhaps).

Thanks for nothing.

2010-01-09 06:37:41 by spanio

You jerks.

Zombies. Feh, who needs 'em?

2009-10-23 03:33:58 by spanio

Well, it turns out I do. In making my latest Flash movie... one containing zombies... I forgot to record any zombie moaning and groaning! GASP.

So I need some help populating my little movie with the gasps and moans of the zombies on newgrounds. I know you guys are out there, so please.. stumble right up.

Basically, I need .mp3s of YOU groaning like a zombie. 5-10 seconds is plenty. Just make sure the recording is the highest quality you can record (and without any background noise) and I'll use it in my movie. Oh, and your name (however you want to be credited) will be in the credits at the end. FUN!

If you want your voice to be in a real live flash movie (OH MY!) and can agree that your contribution is being offered completely royalty free, then your undead voice talent straight to my inbox straight away (or just upload it to the newgrounds audio portal and PM me the link)! My e-mail is spanio [AT]

Thanks in advance guys!